lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Wolf in the Forest

New Animation and composition test I did in Maya and After effects..

Wolf in the Forest from John Wilks on Vimeo.

martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Mafia Acting

One more Animation this one for another contest ,was fun to do,but still would like to polish it bit ,any feedback is welcome,thanks ;)

Mafia Acting.. from John Wilks on Vimeo.

martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Snowman Animation

Hi again,this months I´m trying to get in to contests and practice a bit some acting so here I go with the 11secondclub from december what I did..I was´nt on time cause I had very less time to finish it and polish the girl..but this is how it looks like..

SNOWMAN from John Wilks on Vimeo.

domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010


Un pequeño test todavía en fase WIP ,para un pequeño proyecto de compo que quiero hacer y estoy haciendo unas pruevas para ver como va quedando..

jueves, 26 de agosto de 2010

Coming back to Madrid Soon!!

Hi! It´s been a while after working for more than 6 months in a TV Animal Series for children (that was very interesting and enjoing with all kind of animals),so no I´m going to Madrid to work in a New Project that still do´nt know too much about??soon I will open the Pandora Box..he he

Take care Boys & girls!

domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010


Finally it's online a Tv series for TVE that I was working for a while last year in the first Chapters from 1-7,it was great experience to work with a nice team and learn a lot from other animators ,after that I moved to another Studio for a really Cool project of TV series for childs and that's what I'm still doing I hope I can show soon something..

Well here's some videos of the stuff I was working last year..;)

viernes, 29 de enero de 2010

Mad Dog "Acting Test"

Hi,new animation test I did,cause I liked the speech of sound of "Arte y Animación " competition,I was out of time but anyway I give it a here it is..